About Heather Hollick

Perspective • Diversity • Intelligence • Business Savvy

  • 18 Cities or towns
  • 8 US States
  • 3 Countries
  • 2 Continents
  • 4 Industries
  • 3 Careers

I’ve been around. I’ve lived and worked in lots of companies, cultures, and environments. I offer a diverse perspective — on top of a keen intellect — to leaders and organizations who want more: more from themselves, from their teams, and from their lives.

Heather Hollick Profile PhotoMy knack is to help organizations discover the magic of cohesion and the power of diversity — and I’m not just talking about gender and skin color. When most people hear the word ‘diversity’ they think of skin color or ethnic background. I seek to work at a much deeper, more profound level. My goal is cognitive diversity. When you embrace how people think differently you open the doors to creativity and vibrancy in organizations.

The perspective I bring draws upon a broad range of experiences as a seasoned leader, teacher, coach, and change-agent across multiple disciplines — including IT, HR, consulting, and volunteer organizations; across industries — such as health insurance, high tech, consulting, and the public sector; and spanning such companies as Cisco Systems, United Healthcare, Research in Motion, and the Pensions Department of the British Government. I also bring geographic perspective as a result of living and working in eighteen cities, in seven states, in three countries, and on two continents. I have thrived amidst the intensity of Silicon Valley and the density of urban London, UK. I now make my home in Northern Michigan.

What I Do

Speaking, Facilitation, Coaching – My expertise is in the area of organizational success, facilitating teams toward their goals, and coaching individuals. Specifically:

Leadership Development – I coach senior and mid-level leaders – usually to get unstuck, to step up fully to their role, or in the first few months on a new job to ensure they are successful faster and for longer.

Team Development – I work with teams to build cohesion and trust, to resolve conflict, and to increase collaboration that drives team results. I also do strategic planning at the team level, and early stage organizational development around defining and building culture.

Career Coaching – I also work one-on-one with individuals and groups of individuals to increase confidence, presence, networking and job search success in the broadest possible meaning of that activity.

One-on-One Coaching Specialities

  • Individual contributor through senior leader
  • Early leader transition
  • High-potential leader
  • Career coaching
  • Returning to work
  • Leaving the organization

Team Coaching Specialities

  • Team building and team dynamics
  • Defining and building a cohesive culture
  • Enhanced communications
  • Leveraging styles, preferences, and diversity
  • Healthy conflict and creative abrasion
  • Early-stage organizational development


Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
President, MBA Association
2001 – 2004

M.S. in Applied Mathematics
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Extra courses in philosophy and computer science
1984 – 1986

B.S. Major in Mathematics, Minor in Physics
Huntington College, Huntington, Indiana
President, Student Union
Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Alpha Chi Honor Society
1978 – 1982

Certifications & Training


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