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Forget ‘Lean In.’ Maybe we should lean back! — Reclaiming time to be creative.

Creative people’s most important resource is their time—particularly big chunks of uninterrupted time—and their biggest enemies are those who try to nibble away at it with e-mails or meetings. Indeed, creative people may be at their most productive when, to the manager’s untutored eye, they appear to be doing nothing.

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What is Culture Anyway?

When it comes to building great organizations, just about everyone would agree: culture is important. Culture is the heart and soul of an organization. When we hire people, we hire for “fit” into our culture. There are even companies who have Chief Culture Officers. And, of course, there’s the ever-popular trope that Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch.

But what is culture anyway? If it’s so doggone important, how do we know what we’re looking for? And how, perchance, might we shape and build the culture that we want?

So What IS Culture?

Too many people over-complicate this question. Culture is, quite simply, the “personality” of an group.

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So, you think you can dance? The choreography of networking.

Think back to the last time you were at a wedding — or any event with a dance floor. There was no shortage of well-meaning people encouraging the wallflowers, “Come on … get out on the dance floor … it’ll be fun … you’ll have a good time.”

In our Western culture we just assume that everyone can dance. But when you look at the people on the dance floor you will see a wide spectrum of skill. There will be some who are excellent dancers, with a total command of their body and the room.

At the other end of the spectrum, there will be a few who can’t dance at all and are just flailing in loose approximation to the rhythm of the music. And then there will be people who think that they are good dancers but, in all honesty, are not.

And so it is with networking.

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5 Questions To Ask Your Boss

Want a better relationship with your boss? It’s easier than you think to create a great working relationship. The secret is effective communications and a mutual understanding of what you expect from each other.

Ask these questions on a regular basis, so that you know you and your boss are on the same page. Try inserting one or two of them into your one-on-one meetings with your boss — in the most open-ended way you can. Let your boss surprise you!

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Do your employees dread Monday mornings? How to get your team to look forward to the work week.

Disengaged employees outnumber engaged employes by more than 2:1. To put this in perspective, imagine you have ten people rowing in a boat:

  • Three would be rowing in the right direction.
  • Five would not be rowing at all.
  • Two would be rowing in the opposite direction!

This is crazy. There is no need for the modern workplace to be so dysfunctional. No wonder Dilbert remains popular after almost 25 years in publication.

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Never Give Up!

Diana Nyad has just completed an amazing feat of endurance and perseverance. To try and put it into perspective, imagine going without sleep for 53 hours. Now imagine walking for 110 miles during those 53 hours. Finally, instead of walking, …

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Lucky Breaks

Tony Danza’s break into television came out of left field. He was not an aspiring actor. Instead, he was an aspiring boxer. He was working out in a New York City gym when a producer for Taxi approached him and asked him …

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The Business of People

Running a business with employees is messy and fraught with challenges, not the least of which is the challenge that so many employees are also people — people who have dreams, fears, families, loneliness, hope, illness, optimism, and all of whom want to be part of a successful endeavor.

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Great Places to Work

Achieving the full benefit of diversity means trading the comfort of being surrounded by kindred spirits for the hard work of fitting various kinds of people, work habits, and thought traditions into a vibrant culture.

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Get The Easy Stuff Right

Get the easy stuff right. Eat less. Walk more. Nurture the relationships that define my network. Read more. Fiddle less.

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