90 Day Scorecard

The 90-Day Acceleration Program focuses your attention in eight areas that are critical to a successful transition. In addition to the surprises and challenges that we encounter in the day-to-day of your first three months, we will measure our success in the following areas:

Knowledge & Skills


Discover what you most need to learn, from whom, and how you can learn it. Focus on the right mix of technical, cultural and political learning.



Discover, understand, and begin to adapt to the culture — the attitudes, behaviors, values and processes that lead to decisions.



Develop and communicate a compelling mission and vision for what the team will become. Outline clear and easy to understand tactics for getting there.



Identify key goals and pursue them relentlessly.

Leadership Team


For your leadership team, define assessment criteria and evaluate the team you inherited. Move deftly to make necessary changes; find the optimal balance between bringing in outside talent and promoting high-potential leaders from within the organization.

Beyond your team, get to know the leadership of the company. Start with your immediate manager and his/her peers. Introduce yourself. Understand their drivers and constraints. Continue meeting and learning about leaders across the organization and up the hierarchy.



Identify the most important supporting changes you need to make in the talent, structure, and processes of the organization. Put a plan in place for addressing the most pressing organizational challenges.



Build personal credibility and create key alliances. Understand who has influence and power.

Early Wins


Organize the right set of initiatives to secure early wins. Show continual and demonstrable progress.

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