Career Strategy

Our life’s work, and the meaning we derive from it, is much too important
to delegate to a company to manage.

Ruben Rodriquez, Integral Impact

A career is a terrible thing to waste. The more you understand and take an active hand in driving your career, the more successful and balanced your life will. You’ll understand why you’re where you are, and you’ll be clear about what actions you’ll need to take to navigate your next move.

You own your career. You have the capacity for managing it in a way that leads to fulfillment and meaning. Your career has a life-cycle and rhythm unique to you.

The way we work is changing — and, along the way, how companies attract, employ, develop, and retain talent is rapidly evolving. Career progression and talent development used to be vertically integrated within each company. It was not inconceivable for someone who began their career in the mail room to end end up in the C-Suite. Not so any more. Companies now divide their need for talent between short and long-term, between core and commodity. Talent for each of these divisions is sourced from widely different places. Contract to hire and short-term project “auditions” are becoming common — at all levels.

Understanding this complex new world of work and opportunity takes insight, persistence, and determination. There are tools that can help but, most importantly, you want to be asking yourself the right questions. Who are you? What are you good at? What can you do that brings value to an employer or to the marketplace?

Start where you are today, define the vision of where you want to be, then move forward towards your sweet spot.

Here are some of the areas that are relevant to a vibrant career:

  • Who you are
    • Values
    • Preferences
    • Your strengths
  • Your career “sweet spot”
  • Understanding your history
    • Your resume
    • What you’ve learned
    • What you’re ready to do
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Confidence and presence
  • Marketing and “selling” yourself
    • Job search strategy
    • Cover letters
    • Interviewing & interview preparation
  • Networking
    • The Networking Mindset
    • Networking in Action
    • Networking Inside Organizations
  • How careers work
  • How to work your career

What’s Next…

If you would like to grab the bull by the horns and take control of your career, please contact me for a complimentary exploratory / strategy session.



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