Leadership Scorecard

The Executive Coaching program lasts anywhere from starts with an intense three-month program. Deep change calls for persistence reinforced by continual and demonstrable progress.

We’ll review our progress monthly as we go and move the needle in at least the following eight areas.



You understand your purpose in the organization and what you hope to accomplish in the next twelve to eighteen months. You have a clear sense of the reputation for which you wish to be known. You understand your preferences and your strengths and know how to leverage these in others. 



You demonstrate the values around work, people, tasks, and delegation that are appropriate for your role and level.

Organization & Staff


You have the right people on your leadership team and they are working up to their potential. Team members understand, appreciate, and leverage each another’s skills and experiences.

Time Management


You manage your calendar rather than letting it manage you. You consistently migrate towards spending your time on higher value activities.

Networking & Alliances


You create and maintain key alliances and mutually beneficial relationships throughout the organization. You understand who has influence and power. You identify and deftly manage your allies as well as your adversaries.

Skills & Knowledge


You understand the appropriate technical, managerial and leadership skills for your role and level. You know what you need to learn, from whom, and how you can learn it.

Cultural Awareness


You understand the culture of the organization. You are tuned into the attitudes, behaviors, values and processes that lead to decisions. You know what is encouraged and discouraged. 

Strategy & Results


You know where you are going and you are executing effectively to get there.


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