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Live deliberately!

EnvelopeIdeas are not enough. Real growth and change come from incremental and sustained focus and determination. Learning and growth happen when you supplement experiences with pauses to reflect and think.

To that end, I publish a twice-weekly newsletter to help you in that journey. It’s a serial personal growth book in the form of weekly emails. Here’s a list of a few recent dispatches.

The Week Ahead is a short email delivered early on Monday mornings. It contains only a few questions to help you frame and focus your week.

The Weekly Wrap comes out on Friday afternoons and features a few key questions to help you process the week that was. The rest of the email will be insights, tips, and recommended reading to help you be a better leader and drive a better career.

Join me in this shared journey of discovering who and what the world needs us to be.

I welcome your feedback … and I encourage you to hit reply at any time to continue the conversation.

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