Team Scorecard

High Performing Teams take time to develop. Deep change calls for persistence reinforced by continual and demonstrable progress. Review your progress regularly.

When I work with teams, we move the needle in at least the following eight areas.



There is alignment around direction, priorities, and common objectives. The team embraces a shared desire in learning how to work together to the utmost effectiveness. People understand why the company exists, the purpose of the broader organization and how their team contributes. 

Team Dynamics


Active discussions are the norm and are peppered with a healthy level of diverse ideas and creative conflict. People like working together and trust each other. The team learns from its mistakes

Customer Focus


Who are our customers and what are they hiring us to do? Everyone in the organization understands the customer and demonstrates relentless focus on serving them.

Vibrant Organization


The organization resonates with energy and enthusiasm. People are motivated by progress, by success, and by producing results.

Commitment to Decisions


The team makes clear and timely decisions and moves forward with alignment from every member of the team, even those who where not originally in favor decision. There is a broad range of discussion leading up to decisions — invigorated by debate and dissent — followed by a firm commitment to decisions once everyone has been heard.



Team members understand, appreciate, and leverage each another’s skills and experiences. Team members know how to work together to great effect and honor individual preferences during communications.



Team members respect one another and hold each other to the same high standards. Progress and needs are visible so resources can be balanced dynamically.



The team produces results and satisfies customers. Failures are suffered acutely and learned from quickly.

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