Speaking & Workshops


Through a combination of deep understanding and practical solutions, I help people lead confidently, think differently, and see the world with a fresh perspective. I bring clarity and simplicity to complex and challenging problems. Participants in my talks and workshops walk away with something to think about wrapped up in something to do.

All my sessions are customized to the specific needs and interests of the audience, the time, and the place. Each topic can be adapted to cover any time span from a 40 minute keynote to an all day workshop.

Here are my most frequently requested topics.


Life and the Art of Leadership

Tens of thousands of books are published each year on business and leadership and strategy and execution and … the list goes on. If you are striving to be a better leader, it’s hard to know where to start and impossible to keep up.

Cohesive leadership represents a simple and elegant approach to building a great organization. It’s a new mindset for vibrant organizations and long-term success. Strong organizations are highly productive. They are invigorating places to work and fun places to be. Engaged employees — led by savvy leaders — change the world. Strong organizations get stuff done. They attract and retain talented people.

This talk highlights the characteristics of a simple, yet comprehensive leadership model that leads to vibrant organizations and sustained, high performance.

We start with understanding Clarity and its role in vibrant organizations. Then we explore Cohesive Leadership teams and the reality that leadership is a team sport. We move on to Vibrancy and the simple, powerful way to create resonance in organizations. We wrap it up with Results — because if you can’t execute then the rest doesn’t really matter.




Cohesive Leadership Workshop

A cohesive leadership team is a team that wants to work together, that continually learns how to work together, that understands how to communicate and collaborate, and is propelled by the power of leveraging each others’ strengths and preferences. Such teams inspire and attract talent, create and adapt products, identify and penetrate markets, execute and deliver results, scale and grow the business.

In short, the most important element of a successful organization is a highly functional, cohesive leadership team. Everything else follows.

This half or full day workshop helps leadership teams of 5 – 10 people come together to learn the essentials of being and becoming a cohesive team.

  • Part 1: The essentials of a highly functional team – what does it look like?
  • Part 2: Communication and collaboration – how do we relate to one another?
  • Part 3: Our assets and strengths – what do we bring to the table?
  • Part 4: An exploratory session – given the assets and talents on the team, what can we make?






Life and the Art of Networking

The workforce of the 21st century is changing. Success comes to those who build and leverage a rich web of professional relationships on top of a wide range of challenging experiences and lifelong learning. Unfortunately, the task of building and maintaining a powerful network of professional relationships is often overlooked. Many people struggle to do it well, if at all. The good news is that networking doesn’t have to be hard, and the key skills to be successful at it can be learned.

In these workshops we redefine networking in a way that makes it easy, natural, and deeply effective. We examine the myths and old ideas of networking that are no longer useful. Instead, we redefine networking in a way that makes sense. It doesn’t matter how many names you have in your address book. What matters is the freshness and strength of the links between you and the people you know.

The spectrum of these talks cover three broad areas:

  • Part I — Networking: A New Mindset
  • Part II — Networking In Action: Conferences, Events, and Social Media
  • Part III — Inside Networking: Building and Leveraging Relationships Inside Your Company

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How Careers Work & How To Work Your Career

The world of work is evolving rapidly. Driven by such influences as massive globalization and changing demographics, employers are altering the way they hire and retain employees. Further, as companies grow, organizations become naturally bureaucratic and mind-numbingly complex. Navigating them takes a cool head and a keen eye.

How Careers Work & How to Work Your Career will evolve your thinking around your career. We start by looking at how companies are changing their strategies and tactics around attracting and retaining employees. Then we delve into a simple career model that helps you provide significant value while also answering the question “What should I be doing with my life?”

Great careers don’t just happen. It is no longer enough to merely be smart, to work hard, or be willing to work longer hours (everyone is working longer hours). To be successful in the modern career, you must also be savvy. Great careers emerge from a lifetime of adept choices and deliberate actions. This talk provides a framework for those choices and actions.

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The First 90 Days: Hit The Ground Running

Starting in a new role is akin to jumping into the driver’s seat of a Formula 1 car during a pit stop. There are a million moving parts and dozens of team members hustling about and all eyes are on you as you are expected to get up to speed quickly and not miss any turns.

This workshop covers the eight critical areas you need to master during the early days in any new role: clarity of mission and vision; your leadership team; alliances; priorities; your organizational structure; key knowledge and skills; securing early wins. See the 90 Day Acceleration Program and the 90 Day Scorecard for more information.






The PowerPoint “Refuse to Choose” Manifesto

This tongue-in-cheek presentation makes a great case for more effective PowerPoint presentations using less PowerPoint and more presentation.

When a presenter fills the screen with dense text and obtuse diagrams you and I, as audience members, are faced with a choice. We can either:

  • tune out the speaker so we can take a moment to read what is on the screen
  • ignore what is written on the screen so we can pay attention to the speaker

Why would anyone in their right mind force us into such a choice? This lighthearted presentation offers several tips that anyone can adopt. It ends with an audience empowering manifesto: Refuse to Choose!