Leadership and Inclusion

Making the Most of the Mix

Diversity Dots

Exploring the power of difference
in the way we think and work

[This workshop is designed for leadership teams that want to broaden their perspectives on leadership and inclusion while simultaneously becoming more cohesive as a team. It fits best as a partial-day activity that is part of a broader team meeting or team offsite. Contact me for details.]

Most leaders know that diversity is important. However, at the relentless pace of our modern organizations, even our best leaders struggle to figure out exactly how to include more diversity on their teams.

This workshop demonstrates how the worlds of leadership — and innovation — and diversity — and inclusion — are merely different facets of the same opportunities. You will gain new perspectives on your role, your people, and the value you can provide.

The demands of leadership are relentless. To be a successful leader in today’s organizations you must:

  • Exceed expectations, create greater value, and deliver on results — every single day!
  • Attract and retain great talent
  • Cultivate and foster innovation
  • Get more out of your people than even they think is possible
  • Solve the endless stream of complex intrapersonal and business problems

These are no small feats! Incorporating new ways of thinking about diversity and inclusion can help. Your best path to success is to unleash — and channel — the energy and genius of your people in all their splendid differences. Success is a team sport.


  • New Insights into contemporary thinking in Diversity and Inclusion, and recognition of how it blends with 21st century leadership excellence.
  • Leadership Development: leaders are invigorated and prepared to lead their organizations and tackle problems in new ways.
  • Team Building & Coherence: a greater willingness, ability, and potency in working with others.
  • Understanding what’s essential for building high-performing teams that deliver mission-critical results.


  • Rebekah Steele is a globally recognized leader in next-generation approaches to Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Heather Hollick is a speaker and executive coach who helps leaders create cohesive leadership teams and vibrant organizations. Together we deliver an invigorating and highly experiential workshop that helps leaders unleash genius and potential — in themselves and in their teams.


Duration can be scaled from a 90 minute accelerated experience to a multi-day, in-depth, transformational lab providing an ideal blend of learning experience and practical working sessions. In the longer labs, we delve into solving real leadership and business challenges — through the lens of Diversity and Inclusion.


Start Planning For Your Next Offsite Now…

Diversity and inclusion are integral to great leadership, great teams, and vibrant organizations. Download the flyer below and pass it along to the leaders and event planners who are organizing your next leadership event.


Leadership and Diversity Flyer

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