I want to thank you for the riveting presentation you brought to our group today!  In my opinion, this is the best treatment of networking we have seen in the four years of CTSG, and also right up there in our Hall of Fame for outstanding presentations.  Your analysis and logic were elegant—I guess we should expect nothing less from a math and physics whiz—and truly represented a new way of thinking about this vital process. And you personalized it in a way that your audience could relate to.

— Al R.



Wow! What a presentation on NETWORKING. Heather, your talk stands out in my mind as the best presentation that I have heard at the CTSG during the past 4 years. As we discussed, networking is understood to be the primary way one finds job opportunities, but the reality is that we do not do networking very well. Your definition, and the way you explained it, opened up new possibilities in my mind, and the light bulb finally went on. Your concept of renewing your network on a regular basis seemed to be so natural and logical. I don’t know why it is not part of my thought process since I have heard many, many presentations on networking and have been engaged in networking. You are a great speaker, and I would be very pleased to recommend you.

— Bob G.


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