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Do your employees dread Monday mornings? How to get your team to look forward to the work week.

Disengaged employees outnumber engaged employes by more than 2:1. To put this in perspective, imagine you have ten people rowing in a boat:

  • Three would be rowing in the right direction.
  • Five would not be rowing at all.
  • Two would be rowing in the opposite direction!

This is crazy. There is no need for the modern workplace to be so dysfunctional. No wonder Dilbert remains popular after almost 25 years in publication.

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Do Your Best Work

Imagine this: On your first day with a new company you receive a short letter from the CEO that reads something like the following: There’s work and there’s your life’s work. The kind of work that has your fingerprints all …

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Meaning Is The New Money

My research has clearly shown that high levels of engagement, and the associated discretionary effort, occur when our work experiences reflect a clear set of values that we share. For many today, meaning is the new money. It’s what people …

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