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Remarkable Leadership

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High Performing Teams

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Leadership and Diversity Flyer

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Attention Startups: Build the Team First

In typical entrepreneurial circles — business schools, incubators, venture capital firms — nascent company leaders are relentlessly challenged with two questions:

  1. What is your idea or product?
  2. Who is your market?

While these questions are important, they fail to paint the whole picture. No product makes it to market as originally conceived. Further, no company survives for very long with one product. This means that, even during the earliest days of a company’s existence, there is something more fundamental to a startup’s success than the product idea.

For companies that survive, there is a current stirring just below the surface while ideas are becoming products and products are coming to market.

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Cohesive Leadership at Apple

Tim Cook made his annual foray to the boardroom of Goldman Sachs on February 12 to give an Apple “State-of-the-Company” report. In this year’s talk, he made the following comments about his leadership team: Now, in terms of leadership, when …

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Cohesive Leadership Project

Over the long term, companies thrive when they are built upon a strong leadership team.   A strong leadership team is a prerequisite for product or market decisions. And yet, how are most companies started? In typical entrepreneurial circles — …

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High Performing Teams

  Strategic Planning Organizational Development   Meeting Facilitation Assessments   Group Coaching Team Coaching   Team Building Workshops     If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, …

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The Cohesive Leadership Project℠

Over the long term, companies thrive when they are built upon a strong leadership team   I’m conducting an experiment — a project — to start new companies. The hypothesis is that, over the long term, companies thrive when built …

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