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Tools for Individuals

Leadership Dimensions

Eight dimensions of reality that require relentless diligence to be successful as a leader.

Individual Jump-Start

A three-month plan to start strong in a new role or turn over a new leaf in an established one (formerly "90-Day Plan).

Career Strategy

Understand why you're where you are and what it will take to navigate to your next move.

Tools for Teams

Team Dimensions

Nine areas of focus that help a cohesive, collaborative team coalesce and thrive.

Team Jump Start

How a team that wants to work together can learn how to do so more effectively.

Strategic Planning

Demystifying strategic planning. It's really not that hard and it couldn't be more important.

Jump Start Worksheet (PDF)

The free version of the Three Month Jump-Start Worksheet. (Not editable.)

Helpful — Sample Chapters

The Table of Contents, the Preface, and the first three chapters of Helpful: A Guide to Life, Careers, and the Art of Networking

Jump Start Worksheet (MS Word)

An editable, type-anywhere-you-want version of the Three Month Jump-Start Worksheet.

The Workbook of Helpful Exercises

Coming soon … The workbook companion to Helpful: A Guide to Life, Careers, and the Art of Networking.

Recommended Blog Articles

How To Take Stock And Plan For A Breakout Quarter

I love to hike. There is something deeply satisfying in loading a few provisions into a backpack and heading off into the hills. I have had the good fortune of hiking in the Colorado Rockies as well as the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. Hiking is both an...

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Is it True? Do extraverts make better networkers?

There’s a myth out there that extraverts make better networkers. (In fact, there’s a lot of myths out there about introverts and extraverts but lo, I digress.) The ‘extraverts-make-better-networkers’ myth takes on various forms, including one of my favorites: to be a better networker, just be more extraverted. What’s extraversion...

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Lessons from the Roller Rink

I love to roller skate — indoor skating in a good rink with great music and a primo floor. There’s nothing like getting lost in a song while you glide effortlessly a few inches above the floor. I’m pretty good at it too — or at least I was back...

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The Evolution of a (Hiring) Decision

Hiring someone to fill a job opening can be a long and tedious process. It involves many steps: combing through resumes, contacting potential hires to set up interviews, actually doing the interviews—sometimes several rounds—and then finally negotiating with the best applicant.  Yet, when looking for a job, we completely lose...

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A Quick Guide to Informational Interviews

How do you decide what direction to head next in your career? Would you like to be more visible inside your company? Or is there another company you really want to work for? Over the course of my speaking and client engagements I frequently find myself recommending informational interviews. Informational interviews...

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5 Questions To Ask Your Boss

Want a better relationship with your boss? It’s easier than you think to create a great working relationship. The secret is effective communications and a mutual understanding of what you expect from each other. Some time ago I wrote a short article on Four Questions For Your Direct Reports.Today I wanted...

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Do your employees dread Monday mornings? How to get your team to look forward to the work week.

Are you one of the few who looks forward to Monday mornings? How about your employees? Are you creating a place where your team is looking forward to bringing their all for another week? According to Gallup’s annual State of the American Workforce survey, only 30% of workers are engaged...

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Where Do You Think? The Surprising Difference Between Introverts & Extroverts

One of the most defining characteristics of the introvert / extravert spectrum is where people think. In general, extraverts tend to think externally; they need to verbalize their thoughts to think. Thoughts are actually formed as they are verbalized. They speak to think. In a classroom situation, the extraverts are...

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Got a Job Offer? Your Start Date May Be Earlier Than You Think

Let’s say that you just got a job offer for a position at a new company – and you accepted. Your first day is scheduled three weeks hence. When is your start date? From your perspective you have a few weeks to wrap up your old job, maybe buy some...

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Good Boss / Bad Boss

At one point in my career I went from having the worst boss I ever had … to the best boss I ever had. It was the early ’00s and I had just landed at one of the “great places to work” in Silicon Valley. Bad Boss was not all...

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