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To Sell Is Human

February 14, 2014

Daniel Pink is a master of the art of the amplification of curated research. Like his kindred spirit, Malcolm Gladwell, Pink has taken keen insights in real life, organized them into a theme, woven the theme together with interesting and germane research, and capped it all off with regular doses of great advice.

This is not a book about sales — at least not in the classic sense. Instead, To Sell Is Human is a book for people who want to improve other’s lives and make the world a better place. I’m guessing that includes just about all of us.

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Brainstorming Doesn't Work

April 13, 2012

A broad range of widely accepted research is showing that the traditional sense of brainstorming doesn’t work. It just doesn’t produce good, original ideas. What does work? Debate and dissent.

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How to Read a Business Book

January 31, 2012

I read a lot of books. Well, I don’t actually “read” books — I devour them. I engage with a book as if it’s the backbone of a Ph.D. thesis and I am preparing for my oral defense. I create notes in Evernote. I highlight. I memorize. I capture the outline and the best ideas and I interweave them with my own thoughts and practices. The category “Recommended Reading” on this blog are some of my favorite books,…

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