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Helpful is a book about professional networking. It is also a book about deepening your understanding of yourself, improving social skills, and increasing your capacity for understanding others. It is the perfect book to be read and studied along with friends and colleagues. Networking is, after all, a social activity.

Reading groups are an ideal way for a group of colleagues to learn collectivity and hold each other accountable for personal growth. To that end, I enthusiastically offer my support for Helpful Book Clubs.


Discounts are available for orders of 5 or more copies of Helpful in any combination of formats — hardcover, paperback, or ePUB. Contact me for details.

  • 10% – 5 or more
  • 20% – 20 or more
  • 30% – 50 or more

Free Copy of The Workbook of Helpful Exercises
I will provide a free PDF copy of The Workbook of Helpful Exercises to the book club leader. He or she can distribute it to the members of the club.

Weekly Calls With the Club Leader
I will provide a free 30-minute call with the club leader(s) every week to answer questions, review progress, and strategize on how best to study the chapters ahead.

Four Call-ins to the Group
I will call into the entire group four times over the life of the club for a 30-60 minute Q&A session. The calls are designed to occur during each of the four main sections of the book:

  • Part I: Preparation for Our Journey
  • Part II: The Networking Mindset
  • Part III: Networking in Action
  • Part IV: Networking at Work

Leader's Guide
A detailed study guide designed to help club facilitators lead a group of people through a 13 - 16 week detailed exploration of Helpful.

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Ready to Lead a Club?

Contact me for more information or to get started on your Helpful Book Club.