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Talks on Leadership

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Tens of thousands of books are published each year on business and leadership and strategy and execution and … the list goes on. If you are striving to be a better leader, it’s hard to know where to start and impossible to keep up.

Cohesive leadership represents a simple and elegant approach to building a great organization. It’s a new mindset for vibrant organizations and long-term success. Strong organizations are highly productive. They are invigorating places to be and people enjoy working there. Engaged employees — led by savvy leaders — change the world. Strong organizations get stuff done. They attract and retain talented people.

These talks highlight the characteristics of a simple, yet comprehensive leadership model that leads to vibrant organizations and sustained high performance.


  • The Well-Networked Organization: Collaboration in the Modern Workplace
  • Cohesive Leadership: The Four Essential Dimensions of Great Organizations
  • Vibrancy: Creating Organizations Infused with Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Beyond the Job Description: The Subtleties and Nuances of Success
  • The First 90 Days: Hitting the Ground in a New Role … or Jump Starting Your Current One

Target Audiences

Team building, senior leaders; managers; entrepreneurs; anyone who wants to build a team and a culture that lasts.

Options and Variations

All topics can be adapted for length and level of interactivity. Contact me to explore whether a keynote or a longer workshop is right for your team