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Short Version
Heather Hollick has been helping others become better leaders and craft more meaningful careers for more than 25 years. Her experience spans both business and technology, operations and organizational development. Oh, and she was born in Canada, so she can't help but be helpful.

Long Version
Heather Hollick is the author of the new book Helpful: A Guide to Life, Careers, and the Art of Networking. She is also a teacher, coach, and consultant on networking, careers, team dynamics, and leadership development. She has a global perspective with a background in education, IT, HR, consulting, and volunteer organizations. She has worked across the US, in Canada, and in the UK, spanning companies such as Cisco Systems, MetLife, United Healthcare, Research in Motion, and the pension department of the British government. Heather earned an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.S. in applied mathematics from Purdue University. You can learn more about Heather on her website at

Full Bio
See the About page for a full background on Heather's experience, values, specialties, and credentials.

Material for Interviewers

Download the PDF guide — Material for Interviewers — containing everything you need to conduct a great interview with Heather, including: interview questions, author bio, book information, and contact info.

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Media Appearances

Guest Blog Post

Featured on the Legal Direction blog with a guest post titled “What Are You Working On?” I make a case for the world’s best and worst networking questions.

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Podcast Interview

Interviewed by Jennifer Gardner in Episode 72 of the Go Beyond Disruption podcast. We talked about what networking is, what it isn’t, how to avoid groveling when networking as part of a job search, and how to find purpose in your life. Not bad for a 30 minute interview.

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Early Praise for Helpful

Brilliant Guide for Making Meaningful Connections
Networking and connecting with people you don’t know is necessary for successful career changes, moves to new communities or when entering a new life stage. Helpful shows all of us how to approach and engage in meaningful ways with important people we don’t yet know.

— Deb Lovig (via Amazon)


Great Tips for Networking
Heather Hollick speaks eloquently to those who do not have a network and are unsure of how to build one. The detail that she provides is impressive! And if you are an introvert, you may feel that the first several chapters are talking directly to you. Regardless of whether you are an introvert or extrovert, this book provides a roadmap — with real world examples and practical tips — for creating your own network. This book is a must read for anyone seeking to build and grow connections with others both within and outside organizations.
— Jim and Dana Robinson (via Amazon)
Fantastic and practical book!
Whether you feel comfortable with networking or not, this book can help you strengthen your relationships (which are critical to career success). By adopting a new mindset and using the practical tips offered, you are setting yourself up for success.
In my industry (tech), soft skills are becoming more and more important to have. The practical advice in this book will increase your professionalism as you build your network. Get explicit instructions on how to follow up with people after you meet them at an event, how to handle events themselves, what to ask in informational interviews, and much more. The chapter on LinkedIn alone has tremendous value - it gives very explicit instructions on how to get the most out of it.
— Melissa Eggleston (via Amazon)