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Individual Coaching

What got you here won’t get you there.

Marshall Goldsmith, Author and Executive Coach

How many of the following statements ring true for you right now?

  • Your career is not progressing at the rate you desire
  • Your reputation in the organization is not what you would like it to be
  • Your calendar seems overly filled with meetings
  • You have a hard time delegating tasks and responsibility
  • Your team lacks engagement
  • People on your team aren’t living up to the potential you once saw in them
  • You sometimes get discouraged or obstructed by politics
  • Your influence in the organization is weak or weakening
  • You crave a mentor or someone with whom you can talk through issues

As you progress through your career, each new level of opportunity demands that you must contribute in different ways. The skills you use, the values you embrace, and the way you spend your time are all expected to evolve. You seek out new and different information and use that information in new ways. As your leadership skills develop you build new relationships and broaden your alliances. You learn to manage not just your direct reports, but also your peers, your boss, and her boss as well. The challenge is that no one tells you how to make these transitions. 

I have had too many clients tell me their boss told them they weren’t strategic thinkers, or their team wasn’t perceived as fully contributing. No details were forthcoming, and it felt to each of my clients that their career at the company had already been decided, and not in a positive way.  

Sometimes you just need a little jumpstart to see the bigger picture. A jog to be able to navigate around a blindspot you have. A tool to organize your thinking about how influence really works in your organization.

I help people find meaningful livelihoods and manageable careers. As your coach, I listen and ask hard questions. I give you feedback in terms that you can hear. I am committed to your success. In addition to regular coaching sessions I offer unlimited contact and answers by email and text; impromptu phone sessions; and written feedback when appropriate. 

Set up some time for a complimentary call and see if we have the kind of fit that will help you up your game. 

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