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My skill is helping people reframe their worldview, bringing clarity and forward motion to complex and challenging problems in our professional and organizational lives. I seek first to understand deeply, and then, depending on the format, work with participants to define practical solutions. Audience members always walk away with a concept reframed in a fresh way, and with specific next step actions.

What People Are Saying…

In my opinion, this is the best treatment of networking we have seen in the four years of CTSG, and also right up there in our Hall of Fame for outstanding presentations. — A. Rankin

She was engaged throughout her entire talk and she was energetic without being too overbearing. Super friendly, humble, and passionate! Simply amazing. — Lawson Perry, HireNetworks

I had great feedback from your visit today. A few people remarked that this was the most valuable session we have had so far (and we have had a few really good ones)! Thank you so much! — Mindy Magrath, Vaco

Thank you for such a fantastic talk! … The vibe was electric. Thank you again for coming to Atlanta and for the wonderful and engaging discussion on networking. (I only just started my homework, but your presentation gave me the motivation to begin!) — Lisa Matragrano

From our internal survey, 100% of participants "LOVED IT." There's a lot of positive chatter about the concepts Heather shared, and many people immediately took this into their LeanIn discussions. — Donna Brown, MetLife

Heather Hollick leads a presentation on networking at the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke


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All sessions are customized to the specific needs and interests of the audience, the time, and the place. Each topic can be adapted to cover any time span from a 30-minute inspirational keynote to a multiple-day team-building workshop.


30 – 60 minutes

  • Size: Works for audiences of all sizes.
  • Impact: Motivational, inspirational, and laced with insights.
  • Style: Lecture style with some Q&A.
  • Interactivity: Limited.


1 – 4 hours

  • Size: Best for groups of 20 - 50 people.
  • Impact: Learning and insights. Motivational and inspirational.
  • Style: Primarily delivered via lecture style. Dense with insights, ideas, and information. Handouts contain key take-aways, additional reading, and next steps.
  • Interactivity: Medium interactivity. Lots of opportunities for Q&A. Interspersed with short personal and group exercises.


4 hours to multiple days

  • Size: Ideal for teams of 10 - 25 people.
  • Impact: Deep learning and cohesive team-building.
  • Style: Delivered via wide variety of modules and exercises, ranging from short lecture to group discovery sessions.
  • Interactivity: High interactivity. Deep, experiential learning.