Introverted Intuition with Extraverted Thinking

Excerpted from: Looking at Type: The Fundamentals by Charles R. Martin

Summary of Relevant INTJ Characteristics

  • INTJs are systematic thinkers. Insight in conjunction with logical analysis is the essence of their approach to the world while thinking in conjunction with intuition gives their thinking a systemic quality. They enjoy solving complex problems.
  • INTJs have a driving need to understand, to know and to demonstrate competence in their areas of interest. They inherently trust their insights, and with their task-orientation will work intensely to make their visions into realities.
  • Although INTJs love theory, they also want to get things done. Ideas are to be implemented, and INTJs will work tirelessly to turn what is possible into what is real.
  • INTJs are not afraid to think any thought, knowing that all ideas need not be applied or acted upon. They naturally find relationships among disparate theories and systems of knowledge. They want, indeed must, see the big picture.
  • INTJs want and need challenge. They have a driving need to be competent, and they often set high standards for themselves. They are always analyzing their own actions with an eye to improvement. Whether the focus of their attention is an idea, a person, a product, or a system, INTJs are constantly thinking of improvement.
  • Looking into the future, seeing trends, and engaging in long-range planning are often areas of interest and skill for INTJs.
  • INTJs often have interests in scientific and theoretical pursuits, but may have interests in any field where wide-ranging thought is required. With business interests, and with their eye to systems and improvement, they are often found in management and planning.

Used with permission of the author