Better results … faster

The more the world around us is in flux, the more we as individuals must be certain about what matters in our lives: how we spend our time, who we are connected to, and where we are going. A coach is someone who can evoke passion and purpose in others, within the dissolving and reconstituting environments of our time.

Frederic M Hudson, co-founder of The Hudson Institute of Coaching

Coaching helps you see options for becoming a better version of yourself. It is a personal interaction with an experienced professional that helps you bring out the best in you and your team. A coach is someone you trust, are candid with, and who delivers feedback, not judgment. Your coach is not your boss, your teacher, your therapist, or your friend. Your coach is a professional who helps you understand your values, map out a plan, and deliver great results.

You’re good — you’re very good. You may eventually figure it out. You sense, however, that ambition and good intentions are not enough, and you're right. Blind spots and unconscious biases can be hard to uncover from the inside. To be successful you need to navigate past your weaknesses, around organizational boulders, and through the political quicksand that exists in every organization.

If you want to move a little faster or get a different perspective, you want to work with a coach. An outside coach brings an objective point of view, a wealth of diverse experiences, and ideas you might never have thought of.

Teams Are Coachable Too

In the world of business, most people think of coaching as a one-on-one interaction. In reality, teams are coachable too. They are comprised of individuals that the best leaders weave into a cohesive, highly functional unit. We know this from the world of sports. It works in organizations as well.

I coach both individuals and teams. Check out both links below to learn more.