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Team Jump-Start

A cohesive team is a team that wants to work together, that continually improves how it works together, that understands how to communicate across various communication preferences, and is propelled by the power of leveraging each other’s strengths and preferences. Such teams inspire and attract talent, create, and adapt products, identify and penetrate markets, execute, and deliver results, scale and grow the business.

In short, the most important element in starting and building a successful organization is a highly functional, cohesive team. Everything else follows.

The team jump-start is a series of half-day workshops in which teams come together to learn the essentials of being part of a cohesive team.

  • Session 1 covers the essentials of a highly functional team – what does it look like? We delve into issues like trust, accountability, healthy conversations, and reputation – to name but a few of the topics.
  • Session 2 delves into communication and collaboration – how do we relate to one another? We start with a Myers-Briggs assessment to understand our preferences in communicating and decision making. Then we learn how to leverage each others’ preferences for powerful collaboration.
  • Session 3 explores our strengths – what do we bring to the table? We look at a tool called The Sweet Spot that explores who you are, what you’re good at, and what brings value to the team and the marketplace. Sharing your sweet spot with the others helps the team leverage each other’s strengths while optimizing the teams’ resources for best results.
  • Session 4 will pull it all together. We’ll commit to each other, and we’ll brainstorm on how we can continually improve our working other.