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Heather made a very positive impact on myself and the people within my organization in regards to thinking about networking in a different way and by giving us key tips to incorporate during future events. I am so happy we have a copy of her book in the office to refer to at any time. I have already read 3/4 of it. Great read!

— Lawson Perry, HireNetworks

Using the audio clip of modem connection as an analogy for why small talk is important was especially memorable. What also stuck with me was advice to only connect on LinkedIn with people that you would feel confident recommending.

— Susan Lankford, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Having read your book, I believe people in every profession, including communications, sales, and nonprofit, could benefit from your insights on productive networking, starting with reframing what “networking” means.

Stephanie Zanardi, via LinkedIn

From our internal survey, 100% of participants "LOVED IT." There's a lot of positive chatter about the concepts Heather shared, and many people immediately took this into their LeanIn discussions.

— Donna Brown, MetLife

In this debut, Hollick makes a strong case for the value of learning how to network with others in professional and personal contexts. She offers concrete, actionable strategies for improving one's social skills and making networking an enjoyable practice. ... Novices and experienced workers looking to strengthen their skills will find useful insights in these pages.

— Kirkus Reviews (Full Review)

This is a real twist on networking that is really resonating with people.

— Donna Brown, MetLife

Her depiction of traditional networking events really hit home, like why am I at this place where I cannot hear anything and trying to network. She helped me realize there was a much bigger scope to the term networking and that it matters how fresh those connections are and that time needs to be spent to nurture your network.

— Irene Koulianos, HireNetworks