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Remarkable is a choice. — Seth Godin 


Get better results … faster.

Being a leader in today’s fast-paced business climate is much like being an Olympic swimmer. You’re good — you’re very good. But when you’re at your best, you are head down in the water. Your only vantage point is from the pool. So top athletes hire a coach. That is, the swimmers who want to win have someone at the sides of the pool to coach and advise them on what they what they cannot see and on what they are ready to learn.

At the higher levels of organizational life, all the leading players are technically skilled. They’re all smart. But being smart is not enough. You must also be good with people and leveraging your strengths all the while being astutely aware of your weaknesses.

As you progress through your career, each new opportunity demands that you contribute in significantly different ways from how you have led in the past. The skills you employ, the values you embrace, even the way you spend your time are expected to evolve. You seek out new and different information and use that information in new ways. As your leadership develops you build new relationships and broaden your alliances. The landscape of influencers, allies and adversaries is constantly shifting.

A few telltale signs that your leadership could be more satisfying:

  • Your career is not progressing at the rate you would like
  • Your reputation is not what you would like it to be
  • Your calendar seems to be overly filled with meetings
  • You have a hard time delegating tasks and responsibility
  • Your team is not infused with energy and enthusiasm
  • You crave a mentor or have no one with whom you can to talk through issues
  • You sometimes get discouraged or obstructed by politics
  • People in your organization are not living up to their potential 

I help leaders achieve clarity and alignment and cohesion in their teams. Together we work to amplify your strengths, fill key gaps, and minimize your weaknesses. I will help you see through your blind spots. Working with me as a professional coach is to be in a thought-provoking and creative partnership that helps you produce extraordinary results in your life, career, business, and organization. You know where you are trying to go — I will help you get there.

I am your coach. I watch and listen and ask questions with forensic intensity. I will be there with you. I don’t work by the hour and I don’t shy away from the issues and challenges that bedevil less savvy leaders. In addition to regular coaching sessions I offer unlimited contact and answers by email; impromptu phone sessions; and written feedback on various material, from reports and articles scripts, proposals, etc. I am as determined as you are to see you and your organization achieve remarkable results.

What’s Next…

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  • Explore the First 90 Days Acceleration Program to learn how to start a new position with aplomb while significantly improving the trajectory of your long-term success.
  • Contact me for more information or a complimentary 90-minute leadership strategy session.



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