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Change agents don't change people. People change themselves.

May 24 @ 3:24 pm

Peter Block is a veteran in the world of leadership organizational change. His book, Flawless Consulting, is in it’s third edition and, rightly so. The subtitle says it all: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used.

In a recent blog post and short video clip he explains how change agents don’t change people. People change themselves. In his own words…

I don’t like the term ‘change agent’ … because usually ‘change’ means someone else. And, so, ‘change agent’ to me is too arrogant, as if I’m here to change them. I’m not. People change their own selves. I am here to change the narrative, I am here to change the conversation.

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The Truth About Influencing Change: People Only Hear What They Understand

May 24 @ 3:24 pm

Change is hard. Influencing change is even harder. Sometimes — when we are trying to lead, or coach, or influence, or help someone grow — it can be baffling to see people stuck, unclear on what to do or unwilling to move ahead.

We may explain every way from Sunday and still they don’t get it.

The reality is, something is clear to us because we understand it. For someone who doesn’t understand, they can’t even hear what we are saying. The german writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, a person only hears what they understand. He was right.

So, how can you help others to understand the need for change?

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