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Leadership and Diversity: Making the Most of the Mix

April 24, 2015

Most people know that diversity in their organizations is important. That is, most people have a vague sense that more diversity on their teams would lead to more innovation, higher creativity, stronger engagement, etc. But did you also know that more diversity leads to increased revenue, EBITA, Return on Equity, and a host of other standard business performance metrics? Diversity is good. Our challenge is not in the knowing. Our challenge is in the knowing…

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Audio Interview of Yours Truly

January 23, 2014

I was interviewed by Kylie Jenkin for her Drop by Drop podcast recently. We talked about leadership, and careers, and coaching, and introverts, and extraverts, and vibrant organizations, and … well, you get the idea.

Kylie did a marvelous job of bringing out what I was trying to say. Check it out at Drop by Drop Cast: Episode VI.

Kylie is an up and coming producer, graphic artist, and world changer. Keep your eye on her. You can follow her on Twitter @TheKylieRenee.

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The Cohesive Leadership Project℠

August 3, 2011

Over the long term, companies thrive when they are built upon a strong leadership team   I’m conducting an experiment — a project — to start new companies. The hypothesis is that, over the long term, companies thrive when built upon a strong leadership team.   I propose that a strong leadership team is a prerequisite for product or market decisions. How are most companies started? In typical entrepreneurial circles — business schools, incubators, angel…

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