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5 Questions To Ask Your Boss

October 25, 2013

Want a better relationship with your boss? It’s easier than you think to create a great working relationship. The secret is effective communications and a mutual understanding of what you expect from each other.

Ask these questions on a regular basis, so that you know you and your boss are on the same page. Try inserting one or two of them into your one-on-one meetings with your boss — in the most open-ended way you can. Let your boss surprise you!

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Good Boss / Bad Boss

May 29, 2013

Good bosses matter. The context you create for your top talent can mark the difference between a mediocre and a top performer.

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Developing People is the Heart of Management

January 25, 2013

Good managers structure the work that must be done in ways that develop the people doing the work. Linda Hill and Kent Lineback, Being the Boss, The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader

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