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The Rise of the Introverts

Jennifer Kahnweiler was interviewed by the American Management Association upon the release of her book, Quiet Influence.

I am often asked why we are hearing so much about introverts. “They are everywhere”, someone told me recently. No, they have always been everywhere but now you are noticing their existence … I call it the “rise of the introverts.” Part of it is the influence of the new wave of leadership where people are not command and control anymore. There’s more research coming out that says that people who are more humble, quiet and calm tend to get more results without a lot of noise, with those loud rattling of the sabers.

Three cheers for Jennifer. She has keen insights on how to be successful when operating with a preference for introversion. I have recommended her book Quiet Influence in the past. Read her short post answering the question, “Are Introverts Mad as Hell?.” Better yet, take a listen to the short interview if you want to hear her thoughts in action.

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