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We’re Hiring

Help Wanted

I’m looking to add some talent to the team. The last couple of years have been rough, no doubt, but this feels like the dawn of a new era. We’ve had the Great Conjunction, the Great Resignation, and some say we are in the middle of the Great Turning. I can’t be sure, but I think that this time the Great Pumpkin will finally came as well.

I am looking for partners who will join me in my mission to make the world a better place to work. Until now, most of my work has focused around individuals, and their roles as professionals and leaders. Going forward I will build on that work with a focus on creating vibrant organizations and resonant teams.

My goal is as simple as it is subversive. I want to help people thrive at work by helping to transform the workplace from the bottom up. There is no reason we can’t all work at great jobs, on invigorating teams, in sustainable and thriving companies. We know what to do, we just have to spread the word and decide to do it.

It takes a team. Initially, I’m looking for two people — freelance for now. We’ll see where it goes once we get things rolling.

Content Manager / Social Media Strategist / Virtual Assistant


Newsletter, Blog Posts, and Social Media

  • Drive and manage an editorial calendar for blog posts and newsletter content
  • Post on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Proofread posts and newsletters
  • Finalize and schedule blog posts and newsletters
  • Suggest and research articles, posts, and tweets

Online Community Development

  • Help build upcoming online community and learning institute
  • Moderate forums and discussions
  • Participate in live events to monitor chats and Q&As

Events and Event Planning

  • Help plan, schedule and manage regular online events
  • Plan regional “tours” with multiple events in a location over the course of a week (post-COVID)


  • Identify conferences, organizations, and events to feature our message and our content
  • Envision new products / courses / articles

Preferred Experience

  • WordPress 6.x
  • Basic project management
  • Event planning


  • Fair hourly rate (to be negotiated)
  • Profit sharing


Initially 5 – 10 hours per week with the possibility of growing to full-time in 12-18 months

Audio / Visual Editor and Producer


  • Editing and post-production of video for YouTube and other social media platforms
  • Edit and post-production of video for online courses on a platform yet to be determined
  • Editing and posting videos from interviews, webinars, and live events
  • Creating and editing short educational videos


  • Video creation and production
  • Screenflow, or screen recording software of your recommendation
  • Experience optimizing for, and posting to, various online platforms


  • Fair hourly rate (to be negotiated)


Initially 5 – 10 hours per month

Next Steps

If you’re interested, take some time to familiarize yourself with the values and principles that drive my work. Scan some of my favorite blog posts, read the first few chapters of Helpful, or better yet, get a copy of the entire book.

Drop me a note on the contact page if you’d like to explore working together. Let me know what you’re thinking and what you bring to the table. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and any other online presence you may have. We’ll set up some time to chat.

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