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The Cohesive Leadership Project℠

Over the long term, companies thrive when they are built upon a strong leadership team

I’m conducting an experiment — a project — to start new companies. The hypothesis is that, over the long term, companies thrive when built upon a strong leadership team.

Most people start a company with a product in mind, and then, often much later, look for people to build a team. I think we have that backwards. I propose that a strong leadership team is a prerequisite for product or market decisions.

How are most companies started? In typical entrepreneurial circles — business schools, incubators, angel funds, venture capitalist firms — entrepreneurs are relentlessly challenged with two questions: 1) What is your product? and 2) Who is your market?

Both local and global markets are accelerating. Consumers are becoming sophisticated and have complex needs. They are constantly demanding new and individuated products. Competitive pressure is escalating. In this environment, successful organizations are those that can change and adapt. Only a cohesive leadership team can lead this change.

A cohesive leadership team is a team that wants to work together, that knows how to work together, that understands how to communicate and collaborate, and is propelled by the power of leveraging each others’ strengths. Such teams inspire and attract talent, create and adapt products, identify and penetrate markets, execute and deliver results, scale and grow the business.

In short, the most important element in starting and building a successful organization is a highly functional, cohesive leadership team. Everything else follows.

So, I am launching the Cohesive Leadership Project.℠ My goal is to make organizations better, stronger, more authentic — and to do so by starting with a team of people that are committed to working together and then exploring what products they might create and what markets they might serve.

Here’s how the project works. Small cohorts of 5 – 10 people are coming together in your city to learn the essentials of being part of a cohesive team. Cohorts will meet for four two-hour sessions.

  • Session 1 covers the essentials of a highly functional team – what does it look like?
  • Session 2 delves into communication and collaboration – how do we relate to one another?
  • Session 3 explores our strengths – what do we bring to the table?
  • Session 4 will be a brainstorming session – what can we make?

Let’s jump-start our economy. Let’s start some organizations. Contact me for more information or to request a cohort in your town.

The cost is minimal, the potential is infinite. Join the revolution.

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