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Advice to Writers (and Leaders)

Tim Siedell (aka BadBanana) is one of my favorite personalities on Twitter. His tweets are always good for a smile.

Last fall he was interviewed by Jon Winokur on a site called Advice to Writers. Tim’s insights strikes me as great advice for leaders too.

What’s your advice to new writers?

Beyond reading and writing? My advice would be to live a creative life. By that I mean, keep your radar up at all times. Go places. Do things. Look around. Observe other people. Listen to how they talk. The worst thing a creative person can do is sit in a room and create all day. Let new stuff flow into your brain and collide with all that old stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Then make sure you have a pencil and some blank paper handy, just in case there’s a spark.

Leadership is a creative endeavor. Read the entire interview.

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