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Know your worth, and then ask for it.

Treat yourself to a 10 minute self-improvement splurge today and go watch Casey Brown’s insightful TED Talk on getting paid what you are worth. Casey’s tagline is worth having embossed on a poster:

No one will ever pay you what you’re worth. They’ll only ever pay you what they think you’re worth. And you control their thinking.

While Casey is an entrepreneur running her own business, her insights — and formula for success — are equally applicable to any working environment. It’s a classic good news / bad news situation. The bad news is that no one will ever pay you what you think you are worth. They don’t know you near as well as you know yourself. They can’t see what you see. All of us are limited to our own perspectives. Hence, others will only offer to pay you what they think you are worth.

The good news is, you control what they think.

Helping clients define and communicate their value in order to shape the thinking of others is a large part of how I help clients navigate their careers. Feel free to set up an exploratory call if you would like to know more.

Updated May 22, 2019. Originally posted April 4, 2017.

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