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The Value of Coaching

I work with people who see coaching not as a cost, nor as a sign of weakness, but as an avenue to breakthroughs and greatness. The value of that coaching depends on how hard you are willing to work and how successful you want be.

  • What’s the value of staying true to yourself while still experiencing success?
  • What’s the value of understanding the role you play in your own misfortunes?
  • What’s the value of having someone jog your thinking in new directions?
  • What is the value of facing challenges from perspectives that were inconceivable to you on your own?
  • What’s the value of learning to navigate — and even harness — corporate politics rather than be swept away by them?
  • What’s the value of leaving your next job on your terms rather than theirs?

The value of coaching is reframing and seeing things differently. It’s pushing yourself to new areas and new heights. It’s not for everyone.

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