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Podcast Interview with Angee Linsey

It was a delight to be interviewed by the talented Angee Linsey for her new show Dare to be Deliberate. She is a gifted show host and a savvy career coach.

Check out the interview…

You can learn more about Angee at Linsey Careers

From the show description

Let’s be honest. Most people hate the concept of networking. In this episode, Angee interviews Heather Hollick, author of the book Helpful, where she provides a practical guide for life, work and the art of networking.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there are ways to approach strengthening your professional relationships. Heather shares concrete things you can do that align with your personal style — plus she throws in a few tips when dealing with others who are opposite of your introverted or extroverted style.

Find out the best networking question and stop asking, “What do you do?” And hear what she says you should stop doing when it comes to networking.

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